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Welcome to Long Life Pet Nutrition Ltd.!
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Welcome to Long Life Pet Nutrition Ltd.! Our goal is to use a holistic, naturopathic approach to strengthening your pet's immune system, and eliminating all root causes of illnesses. 

Using natural healing modalities, we will work with you to show you how to use these methods to stimulate your pets' internal vital force, as well as stimulate its natural abilities to heal itself.

Proper species-appropriate nutrition is the backbone to great health! Whether you are looking to improve your pets' health, or maintain your pets' health, we can guide you in recommending food choices, tailored to your pet, and his or her needs, as well as supplementation. Today, more than ever, supplementation is very important. 

Minerals are especially important for your pets well being, and overall health. Our intensive agriculture system has depleted our soils of necessary minerals, that runs down the whole food chain. The grasses and herbs that herbivores eat are depleted, and therefore, our pets, who are carnivores and must eat meat, are eating meat depleted of necessary minerals. Supplementation is now necessary for our pets (and ourselves!) to thrive.